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The Toilet

I clean it and care for it because I must

But make no mistake it is my enemy.

The odor makes my nose wriggle in disgust.

Its maintenance requires advanced alchemy.

The oozing drips and yellow puddles

Fill my heart with dismay.

The state of it befuddles.

How could it look like this every day?

My roomies seem not to notice my frustration

As they continually manage to miss the mark.

For them there is no mitigation

It is my task alone on which to embark.

I purchase the latest in cleaning absurdities

And diligently perform my recalcitrant duties.

However, I alone cannot sustain the neatness I desire.

So, it is a maid I will very soon hire.


Ode to the Weeknight Meal

It starts with the list and the shopping.

I drop everything each night to begin the chopping.

I wisk, I strain, I gently stir and simmer.

I wipe the sweat from my brow and call the family to dinner.

The kids don’t like it.  It looks funny.

They want mac n’ cheese, gooey and runny.

The husband calls to say he’s working late.

Sorry, but the client just cannot wait.

I eat in relative solitude.

And take heart, for there is one who desires my food.

I give him a nod and we meet in the kitchen.

I fill his bowl with the evening’s selection.

He gobbles it up in one giant bite

And licks his chops in delight.