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My husband is having a boys’ weekend

I’ve never had a girls’ weekend.

I probably should.

It’s only fair.

But when I think of leaving, even for a night, I experience a vague sense of panic.

Is that guilt?



No.  None of those.

The excuses I make for not leaving emanate from contentment.

I am happy in my life, in my skin.

This is where I belong and I feel no need to escape.

Don’t misunderstand.

Life is not all rainbows and unicorns.

There is pain and frustration and doubt.

Usually all three, daily.

However, I enjoy a peaceful familiarity

That I can nestle in amongst the love of my family

Or turn to the compassionate embrace of friends

Or pen a modest poem.

Gone are the youthfully awkward days of my 20’s

And the driven, control-freakish 30’s.

40 ushered in a new, calmer era

Where I can love a simple life, warts and all.

A Pledge between Mothers

I will never criticize your parenting

Because my child will exhibit that same behavior tomorrow.


I will never mention that you’ve worn the same thing three days in a row

Because I have, too.


I will listen while you complain about your husband

Because I know you love him.


I will support every crazy idea you come up with

Because we have to dream.


I will love your children even when they are naughty

Because they are a part of you.


I will be your champion when you need me

Because I know you’ve got my back, too.


I will always be available for retail therapy.


My day starts with a bang and ends with a muted wail.

Every sound in between is of equal scale.

TV voices rattle on at all levels.

Music blares at rock concert decibels.

Doors  slam, phones ring,  batteried gizmos squawk, beep and drone.

Voices cry my name in all manners of tone.

I patiently carry on amid the unrelenting clamor

And try to remain sane until the kids begin to slumber.

When at last all the noises suddenly abate

And my mind has a chance to acclimate,

I realize the insane cacophony

Has become my cherished symphony.