Hello and Welcome!

Like many of you, my life was transformed when I became a mother.   I was in my mid 30’s and gladly gave up a career I loved to raise our son.  My journey so far has been amazing.  (Although when I’m knee deep housework I don’t feel very amazing.)

I’ll admit upfront that I am not a professional writer and any real poet will cringe at my meager attempts.  Writing for me began as a personal outlet, a way to fill the void my discarded career had left behind.  These poems are the end result of the random, sleep-deprived ramblings contained in my notebooks.  I am very fortunate to have a fabulous network of smart, independent, and funny mom-friends who encourage and support my writing.  Without their companionship I would surely have drown amid a sea of laundry a long time ago.  This blog is a tribute to them and our shared joys and frustrations of motherhood.